Monday, August 4, 2008

Last of the Sea Creatures (for a while)...

Here's my latest Hansigurumi:
Hermit Crab 2
Hermit Crab 1
A Hermit Crab! I love him.
He'll be the last Sea Creature for awhile...
I'm moving onto Woodland Creatures next!
Sea Creatures Bathroom
Here they are in their natural environment- my bathroom.
They each have their own scientific label with info such as:
Dumbo Octopus: Genus Grimpoteuthis,
Species Octopoda, Benthic 300-400 meters
The Loch Ness Monster (Nessiteras rhombopteryx).


Linnea said...

These are so cute :o) I love the fine details... was it difficult to knit? They must look so good in your bathroom. I admit, my bathroom is so plain! Have a wonderful Monday!

Harpa J said...

Oh, how wonderful! The are all so cute, and so beautifully done.

saradippity said...

Nessie has and accepted scientific name? No way!
Cute idea giving them tags :).