Monday, December 10, 2007

Bulky Babies

Here are a bunch of super-bulky knits I sped through... sometimes you just want some instant gratification...
Loop-d-Loop's Hooded Capelet:
Hooded Capelet 1
Hooded Capelet 2
Hooded Capelet 3
Finished in one day! Knit in some great Cascade Magnum I got on Ebay- only two skeins! I lengthened it by 5 inches.
Twinkle's Karate Sweater:
Karate 1Karate 2
Disasterous. Sometimes us biggun's can pull off a bulky knit, but not in this case. Good God.
I knit it after being reminded of it's existance by Anthropologie, who is now selling them premade! For $268! Mine's in Lion Thick & Quick... not as nice as Twinkle yarns, but much more reasonable- I'd reknit something I really like in Twinkle, but not before trying it out in something cheaper (case in point, this sweater makes me look like a sad bear).
Rowan's Alpine Shrug:
Alpine Shrug 1
Alpine Shrug 2
Alpine Shrug 3
Alpine Shrug 4
It's knit in Rowan Big Wool (Sugarspun colorway). I only did 4 sets of the eyelet pattern so I wouldn't have to buy two more balls of the Big Wool (the pattern is wrong, I think, I've seen a lot that need more wool than called for)... I think it still looks good smaller, anyway.

Monday, December 3, 2007

This Winter's Forecast

I finally got around to knitting Stefanie Japel's Forecast (from Knitty):
It's in Cascade 220 (5 skeins instead of 4 because I lengthened it).
Mods: I added 2" to the body before the ribbing...I also had to re-knit the cuffs because they turned out way big... I do have freakishly small wrists for my size, though. I decreased 17 sts. (7 at the purl sections, then another 10 at the rib sections).
And while I'm at it... here's a couple more hats:
Peasant 1
Peasant 2
Peasant 3
This one is Amber Daniels' Peasant Cap pattern... a fantastic version of this very pricey hat. Clever girl. Its' knit in Cascade Pastaza (colorway 53) and I love love love it, but it's very, very warm.
Rangoli 2
Rangoli 1
And this one is desiknitter's Rangoli Hat pattern, which is based on 8-point lotus-shaped ‘rangoli’ designs drawn outside South Indian homes. It's in Rowan Tapestry (colorway 174).
I've also added some action pics of the Bobble Cable Snow jacket to my lat post (here), per many requests. Even though I look like a snowman in it. Or snow-woman. You get the idea.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little bits...

Some little projects:
Cotton Candy 1
Cotton Candy 2
Cotton Candy Scarflette
Rowan Big Wool Tuft in Powder Puff
Reversible scarflette... just a seed stitch rectangle, basically. I pulled all the tufts in the yarn to one side and put two buttons back to back so you could see one either way you wear it.
The yarn is super super soft- much softer than regular Big Wool, for some reason...
Herringbone Scarf
Herringbone Scarf
Pattern from Tangle
Cascade Magnum in 4006
Bethany Hat 1
This hat was commissioned by Bethany is just a plain cap I improvised, and added the flower from the First Hat pattern in Knit2Together.
She brought the fabulous yarn home on her honeymoon... this may be the first yarn I've knitted that actually looks better knit up than in the skein:
Garnstudio Eskimo
Garnstudio Eskimo in 28
And one big-ish project:
Cable Jacket 1
Cable Jacket 2
Cropped Jacket
Vogue Knitting Holiday 2005
Lion Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
These pictures make it look pretty, but in real life, not so good. I look like the abominable snowman, and not in a good way. Also, the construction killed me.Btw, the Thick & Quick Woolease does not machine wash half as well as the the worsted...
Update 12/3: Here are the action pics, as requested:
Cable Jacket 3
won't anyone tell me why i knitted this?
That last one is me thinking ummm... why did I knit this?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A short photo essay on Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting ("favour" because it's fancier):
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Cleaning the Refrigerator
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Cleaning Out the Garage
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Hedge Trimming
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Going Outside
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Tending the Garden
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Cross Stitch
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Dirty Dishes
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
Jewelry Making
Things I Neglect in Favour of Knitting
I'm sure I'll be adding to this list.
A couple of the culprits that keep me from my duties:

Baby Set II
For Jaelynn Steck:
The Baby Bolero is from One Skein.
The hat is based on one in One Skein
Wonders (shortened like my previous one & the
lace pattern altered to match the Bolero detail).
In Jo-Ann Sensations Smania.
Urchin II 2
Urchin II 1
Ysolda's Urchin
From an unmarked skein... I'd been looking for a use for this single skein rolling around the stash for years- this was the perfect project for it! I think it looks like moss.
I made another in Adrienne Vittadini Nadia, but I frogged it...I don't think it did the yarn (or the pattern) justice. I need a bigger thick n' thin yarn to make the pretty bubble-y look of the original. I'd still like to make a white (or very light color) version like Ysolda's...
hers looks like clouds.
Seaberry Close
Seaberry Shell
from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006
It's knit in Caron Simply Soft Quick (Country Blue)... Just barely got by with 2 skeins... I shortened the neckband to do so. This yarn feels soft & drapey pre-knitting, but not so great after... I'm not really fond of non-natural fibers, though. I pretty much hate them. Probably will knit another in another yarn.
The pattern was great except for the neck shaping... very confusing. You could also knit this in the round easily.
I have a couple more, but I need to take pictures still... maybe I should add my neglect in recording my knits photographically that to my list.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

My favorite holiday... candy, dress-up, and late nights with your friends...
hard to top for adults and kids alike, in my opinion.
Hallowe'en Hallowe'en

Hallowe'en Tree
Hallowe'en: Take my candy, please.
I would have had picture of our pumpkins, but someone stole them off of our porch. Two ghost-white, homegrown pumpkins. Why? Who steals pumpkins, for chrissakes?