Monday, December 3, 2007

This Winter's Forecast

I finally got around to knitting Stefanie Japel's Forecast (from Knitty):
It's in Cascade 220 (5 skeins instead of 4 because I lengthened it).
Mods: I added 2" to the body before the ribbing...I also had to re-knit the cuffs because they turned out way big... I do have freakishly small wrists for my size, though. I decreased 17 sts. (7 at the purl sections, then another 10 at the rib sections).
And while I'm at it... here's a couple more hats:
Peasant 1
Peasant 2
Peasant 3
This one is Amber Daniels' Peasant Cap pattern... a fantastic version of this very pricey hat. Clever girl. Its' knit in Cascade Pastaza (colorway 53) and I love love love it, but it's very, very warm.
Rangoli 2
Rangoli 1
And this one is desiknitter's Rangoli Hat pattern, which is based on 8-point lotus-shaped ‘rangoli’ designs drawn outside South Indian homes. It's in Rowan Tapestry (colorway 174).
I've also added some action pics of the Bobble Cable Snow jacket to my lat post (here), per many requests. Even though I look like a snowman in it. Or snow-woman. You get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

I love your forecast. It looks great on you!