Monday, December 10, 2007

Bulky Babies

Here are a bunch of super-bulky knits I sped through... sometimes you just want some instant gratification...
Loop-d-Loop's Hooded Capelet:
Hooded Capelet 1
Hooded Capelet 2
Hooded Capelet 3
Finished in one day! Knit in some great Cascade Magnum I got on Ebay- only two skeins! I lengthened it by 5 inches.
Twinkle's Karate Sweater:
Karate 1Karate 2
Disasterous. Sometimes us biggun's can pull off a bulky knit, but not in this case. Good God.
I knit it after being reminded of it's existance by Anthropologie, who is now selling them premade! For $268! Mine's in Lion Thick & Quick... not as nice as Twinkle yarns, but much more reasonable- I'd reknit something I really like in Twinkle, but not before trying it out in something cheaper (case in point, this sweater makes me look like a sad bear).
Rowan's Alpine Shrug:
Alpine Shrug 1
Alpine Shrug 2
Alpine Shrug 3
Alpine Shrug 4
It's knit in Rowan Big Wool (Sugarspun colorway). I only did 4 sets of the eyelet pattern so I wouldn't have to buy two more balls of the Big Wool (the pattern is wrong, I think, I've seen a lot that need more wool than called for)... I think it still looks good smaller, anyway.


TriSarahTops said...

The alpine shrug is gorgeous! You did a lovely job.

CresceNet said...

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Virtuous said...

I love that shrug!! Did you have a hard time seaming it?? I heard lots of folks complaining about putting the puzzle together

nillakitty... said...

Seaming. Was. A. Nightmare.

Vickie Howell said...

You DO NOT look like a sad bear! Seriously, I don't think the Karate sweater looks unflattering at all. :)