Thursday, January 17, 2008

First of many...

I have a few things lined up to post, but you know how it goes...
Here I have some pics of the purse I made for my wedding. Well, my wedding was 2 years ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting these pics... actually, I just got around to taking them. Anyway:
Wedding Shadowbox
Wedding Purse
It's in the shadowbox I made for wedding stuff: there's a photo, a bird wreath that was part if the table centerpieces, Chris's boutonnière, and a butterfly my little brother Tyman found after the ceremony (don't worry, it was already dead). I used Inspirations Magazine (the embroidery one, not the stamping one) Bridal Issue for the placement of the vines on the purse, but changed the individual elements & made it monochromatic (there are subtle color changes). The stawberries are for our name (Fraser), the thistle is for Scotland (land of the Frasers), and the pomegranate, rose, and bird are all traditionally associated with weddings. I got additional for these instructions from Jane Nicholas's books (Except for the bird, which I winged. Pun intended.).
All our wedding photos are posted here.

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