Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I didn't knit many gifts this year... Having realized that few people really appreciate the time & effort, I decided that my pals & fam will only get handknits if they request them. Of course, I love requests! I just want to be sure that the recipient is getting what they really want... There are exceptions- if I see something that someone just has to have, they'll get it! In that catagory, my lovely New York Tammi recieved the Ogee skirt/wrap thingy from Interweave Knits (Summer '07), since she's a ballerina, and it seems to be pretty perfect for that... I've requested pics of her in it that I'll post when I get!
Other than that, my sister requested a Urchin hat just like mine, but in the colors of my pup Laika's fur...

Laika Dot 1
(with Mom's dog Pudge)
And I think I got it:
Joann Licorice BW
JoAnn Licorice
Matchy II
Erin with Mom... who got the Louisa Harding Beret (from the Gathering Roses collection).
And now they can match! Yaaaay!
And I got many knittin' goodies to feed my addiction...
From the inlaws:
Xmas Haul 2
The yarn is alpaca from a farm they visited over the summer!
From Mama, via gift certificate to my yarn favorite store, um pretty much ever, Babetta's!:
Xmas Haul 1
I still have $$$ left to spend, too!
And I've got a few little knits done in the new year...
Two headbands:
Panta pattern from DROPS, knit with Crystal Palace Yarns Taos.
Quant 1Quant 2
Quant 3
Quant 4
Quant from Knitty, knit with Trendsetter Tonalita. Like many others, this was my 1st entrelac & I loved it… I’m not sure when I’ll use it again, though... i haven't seen a whole lot of entrelac I like. I modified the end of the pattern to make it the same as the other end, using mightbekatrina (from Ravelry) mods.
And a hat:
Redcap 1Redcap 2
Redcap 3
I call it Little Red Cap, but the pattern is Russian Winter from
Stitch n' Bitch Nation, without the fuzzy/furry yarn. Little Red Riding Hood was most likely originally wearing a red hat, not a hood, so this is my version of the melding of both.
It's knit in Rowan Big Wool.
So that's it for now... I've got more in the works!

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