Friday, September 7, 2007

More. New.

**NOW with action shots!**
My Monet vest is finally done:
Monet 4Monet 3
Monet 6
Monet 5
Elann Camila (50% cotton/50% linen) in Strawberry Ice
Pattern from Rowan Classic Nature
It took forever (actually a couple months, but I suppose "forever" is pretty relative). Small gauge, knit in 3 panels, trim separate, you get the idea. It mostly took forever because I got bored and tossed it aside after I finished the back, but luckily I'm fairly obsessive, so I couldn't leave it unfinished... The Elann yarn was not so great to work with- KP has a much softer cotton/linen blend, but I really liked Elann's strawberry color. The pattern was pretty straight-forward, but like most Rowan patterns, not for beginners.
I did change the lace pattern on the bottom edge.
So, while I was avoiding finishing Monet, I did Ogee (a wrap-around skirt
for wearing over jeans and such):
Ogee 2

Ogee 1

Lion Cotton-Ease (50% cotton/50% Acrylic) in Lake
Pattern from Interweave Summer '07
This pattern killed me at first, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of after the first few rows.
It's fast and fun, and the Cotton-Ease was a good replacement for the pricey
(but pretty) Rowan Tape.
And Ysolda's Cloud Bolero:
Cloud 3
Cloud 1
Cloud 4
Cloud 6
Cloud 5
Debbie Bliss Alpace Silk (80% Peruvian baby alpaca and 20% silk) in 17, a grey-blue
Pattern from Interweave Summer '07
The pattern was great- the sleeves work in like magic, knit in one piece, and the yarn was heaven. Soooo soft and lofty... it's like a lap full of kittens. I left off the ruffle-ly trim... it didn't seem to need it, I thought.
And a hat. Because I can't seem to stop with the hats.
yellow beret 2
yellow beret 1
Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran (55% Merino Wool, 35% Microfibre, 10% Cashmere) in 04
Pattern from The Knitter's Bible: Accesories
This yarn is super soft, almost cotton-y. The pattern is for a more fitted beret, but I used a larger gauge to get a more slouchy one.
What could distract me from knitting such fun patterns, you ask? Well, it could be the monster hauls we are getting in our veggie garden:
And the excitement of the first waterlily to survive Laika's attention:
Or perhaps the lovely Laika herself... (see last post).


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm commenting! Nice work on that Monet vest. It was certainly worth the "forever" that it took to make. Can't wait to see you wearing it :)


ambermoggie said...

no pictures it just says upgrade to pro where all the pics should be:(
says exceeded bandwith?

Sticking it in your eyes said...

OMG, I NEED an Ogee!! Really.

Your fruits and veggies turned out much better than mine did this summer. Perhaps my winter crops will be better.

Beautiful gardening!