Friday, January 29, 2010

New Friends

So, these ladies all need names still:
Look who's here!
Fairyland PukiPuki Pipi Red Bell
New Girls
Dollstown Seola (7 year body) and Fairyland LittleFee Ante

Any name suggestions? There are more pics here...
I'm working on some face-ups (painting the faces, for the non-dolly peeps) and a couple custom Blythes are in the works too! 

Friday, January 8, 2010

I really am sorry.

No, really.  I have a some good excuses, I swear!  2009 was the worst year of my life, but 2010 is a good number for a new beginning, right?  I'm trying to do some evaluation, reorganization, and re-prioritizing of life right now...
Anyway, I'm catching up here now!
Here's some things I made for Xmas:
Mug Cozy
Mug Cozy for Mom
Knit in KP Main Line from a Knitpicks kit

Stocking for Rhiannon
Stocking for Rhiannon
Commission by her grandparents- knit in Lamb's Pride from a Mason-Dixon pattern.  “Rhiannon” BARELY fit. I lined the stocking with polarfleece so the fair isle wouldn’t get messed up with use…

Also, I did start doing that tumblr thing a bit- check it out if you have a chance...
Aftermath: Double rainbows are okay if you're into that kind of thing.