Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I didn't knit many gifts this year... Having realized that few people really appreciate the time & effort, I decided that my pals & fam will only get handknits if they request them. Of course, I love requests! I just want to be sure that the recipient is getting what they really want... There are exceptions- if I see something that someone just has to have, they'll get it! In that catagory, my lovely New York Tammi recieved the Ogee skirt/wrap thingy from Interweave Knits (Summer '07), since she's a ballerina, and it seems to be pretty perfect for that... I've requested pics of her in it that I'll post when I get!
Other than that, my sister requested a Urchin hat just like mine, but in the colors of my pup Laika's fur...

Laika Dot 1
(with Mom's dog Pudge)
And I think I got it:
Joann Licorice BW
JoAnn Licorice
Matchy II
Erin with Mom... who got the Louisa Harding Beret (from the Gathering Roses collection).
And now they can match! Yaaaay!
And I got many knittin' goodies to feed my addiction...
From the inlaws:
Xmas Haul 2
The yarn is alpaca from a farm they visited over the summer!
From Mama, via gift certificate to my yarn favorite store, um pretty much ever, Babetta's!:
Xmas Haul 1
I still have $$$ left to spend, too!
And I've got a few little knits done in the new year...
Two headbands:
Panta pattern from DROPS, knit with Crystal Palace Yarns Taos.
Quant 1Quant 2
Quant 3
Quant 4
Quant from Knitty, knit with Trendsetter Tonalita. Like many others, this was my 1st entrelac & I loved it… I’m not sure when I’ll use it again, though... i haven't seen a whole lot of entrelac I like. I modified the end of the pattern to make it the same as the other end, using mightbekatrina (from Ravelry) mods.
And a hat:
Redcap 1Redcap 2
Redcap 3
I call it Little Red Cap, but the pattern is Russian Winter from
Stitch n' Bitch Nation, without the fuzzy/furry yarn. Little Red Riding Hood was most likely originally wearing a red hat, not a hood, so this is my version of the melding of both.
It's knit in Rowan Big Wool.
So that's it for now... I've got more in the works!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First of many...

I have a few things lined up to post, but you know how it goes...
Here I have some pics of the purse I made for my wedding. Well, my wedding was 2 years ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting these pics... actually, I just got around to taking them. Anyway:
Wedding Shadowbox
Wedding Purse
It's in the shadowbox I made for wedding stuff: there's a photo, a bird wreath that was part if the table centerpieces, Chris's boutonnière, and a butterfly my little brother Tyman found after the ceremony (don't worry, it was already dead). I used Inspirations Magazine (the embroidery one, not the stamping one) Bridal Issue for the placement of the vines on the purse, but changed the individual elements & made it monochromatic (there are subtle color changes). The stawberries are for our name (Fraser), the thistle is for Scotland (land of the Frasers), and the pomegranate, rose, and bird are all traditionally associated with weddings. I got additional for these instructions from Jane Nicholas's books (Except for the bird, which I winged. Pun intended.).
All our wedding photos are posted here.