Friday, June 20, 2008

A couple more Sea Creatures...

They both join the other sea creatures in the bathroom.
Squid 2
Squid-A-Licious by Hansigurumi
The only mod I made was making the body in one piece instead of two. I just ran a length of yarn through the middle and tightened it to make up for that.
Cuttlefish 1

Cuttlefish 2
Pattern: Cuttlefish by Hansigurumi
I used to eat copious amounts of dried cuttlefish (as a child).
They're not really "fish". Obviously.
I really had to force myself to finish this one. There were many mistakes in the pattern (very unusual for Hansi… she’s pretty much a genius) (*I included my Errata below). It’s also a bit bigger than the other cepholopods- I’d probably would have used sport-ish weight if I thought ahead… I embroidered him with some stripeys to make him a bit more realistic, and cast off the fins with white for a little extra detail.
And speaking of Sea Creatures:
Pool Party 15: Otter Edition
I'm pretty sure Maggie is an otter. There's more new pics of her here.
Pool Party 10
And her BFF, Laika, of course.
My Hansigurumi Cuttlefish Errata:
Page 4, Section 4 (last on page): Even Rows- do not wrap and turn, as you are at the end of the rows.
Hansi's Errata: Page 6, should read "Using Figure 1 as a guide, use MC and pick up a total of 34 stitches from the top selvedge of arms as follows...", and Row 1 should read "P22, w&t"
Page 6: Row 21: P25
Page 7 (top): Row 22: K9, SSK, k2tog, SSK, K2tog, K9. Place remaining 22 stitches...
Page 7 (middle): Clarification- When picking up 5 sts from the underside of the outermost arms, do not pick up from the webbing area.
Page 7 (bottom): Round 4: K1, *K2tog, repeat from * to the end of the round, end K1. (20 stitches)
Page 8: Round 7: (*K2tog, KI), repeat from * to last 2 stitches, K2tog. (6 stitches)
Page 11: Round 4: *SSK, (K1, KLR, K1) 3 times, (K1, KLR) 56 times, (K1, KLR, K1)...


Anonymous said...

woah. I am way impressed, these sea creatures are incredible!

Felicia said...

All your sea and land creatures are adorable :)