Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Doggies & Dollies...

I have to show off my lovely pup's new name tag:

Laika's New Tag
I picked it up on Etsy, here. You can have any photo or drawing you like etched onto your tag, front and back! They are ridiculously well priced and came with just about the cutest stamps I've ever seen on the package. Oh Taiwan, you really know from cute.
I also wanted to mention I am arranging a little crafting get together... Emily from the Black Apple was on Martha last week making these cute dolls:
and I want to make them with you! We'޲ll wat޲ch the޲ seg޲men޲t, eat޲ sna޲cks޲, and޲ mak޲e cut޲e dol޲ls.޲.. I thi޲nk I hav޲e at lea޲st one޲ boy޲ int޲ere޲ste޲d! He'޲s goi޲ng to mak޲e a Bus޲h voo޲doo޲ dol޲l ver޲sio޲n! If you޲'re޲ int޲ere޲ste޲d, mes޲sag޲e me for޲ inf޲o (di޲rec޲tio޲ns,޲ etc޲). I'm޲ thi޲nki޲ng nex޲t Saturday (Ap޲ril 5th޲).
Supply List:
Printout of Directions (here)
Fabric (for skin color, dress color, and leg/tights color)
Felt* (for hair)
Poly-Fil (Stuffing)
Optional: Accessory supplies > Felt* (scarves, shoes, collars), Buttons, Ribbons, etc.
*Preferably wool felt, especially if you want to be able to wash it.
I've seen it available at Beverly's and occasionally JoAnn's.
I will have paint for the face and sewing machines & thread, plus some extra poly-fil & buttons. Visit the Black Apple for ideas & inspiration for your doll!

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Happy Tuesdays said...

wish i could be there! Umm. and can we just say that Shetland and the Bolero are f*&cking amazing! You are incredible, my knitting diva.