Monday, January 12, 2009

I like dolls! You wanna make something of it?!

So, I've been wanting a Pullip doll for a few years, and this year I needed some retail therapy, so I took the plunge... It took me awhile to get up the courage/funds for such a thing. Chris is none too happy.
Pullip Erternia
Valley of the Dolls Box
I ordered her from The Valley of the Dolls, who had super fast shipping and super cute packaging... it was like a present!
Beatrix in her box
In her box.
getting her hair done
Getting her hair redone... it was really messy out of the box.
Beatrix 1
Beatrix 2
I named her Beatrix (after Beatrix Kiddo), since she's The Bride... get it? Chris said, damn, that thing is creepy, to which I said, wait 'til you see Blythe! I'm going to make her an outfit soon, but I can't decide on whether to go with grey/green tones or a Snow White-ish fairy tale thing. Maybe both, huh? But which one first?
J-Doll Malecon Avenue
Malecon Ave
Malecon Ave
I had a hard time deciding between a Pullip and a J-Doll, but after I ordered Beatrix, I saw this one on the TIB forum... She was nude, so I made her this dress. It's not perfect, but it was my first try... The J-Dolls have the exact same bodies as the Pullips, just different heads, and Blythe patterns fit both. She needs a name... suggestions?
Blythe Frosty Frock
Frosty Frock in Box
FF 1
FF 2
And I tried to resist Blythe, but no such luck. I'll admit, she creeped me out at first, but after trolling the Blythe group on Flickr, I fell in love. I keep seeing my favorite bloggers (here, here, here) falling under the spell, too! I had to wash her hair several times (it was super frizzy and icky). I want to do a few mods to her- sand matte her face, first of all. She needs a name, too... I think something icy, snowy, wintery... what do you think?

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