Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas Sigh...

Well, it's over... and we're finally home!
Here are the last of the Xmas pics (I hope)...
Jamie's Xmas Gift
Jamie's present... a bookbag/accessory set- not quite as good as the gift she gave us- she took Chris & I to Of Montreal, which was for sure added to the Top 5 shows of all time for me. The image set I used was from the lovely Danielle Thompson, here.
Xmas Candy 2
Xmas Candy 1
Xmas candy gifts, 'cause we be poor. And it wouldn't be Christmas without me trying to throw my back out over ridiculously involved food gifts... There is peppermint bark, fudge, peanut butter balls, and spiced nuts in there. Cute Martha packaging from Michael's.
Cranberry Orange Vodka
Cranberry Orange Vodka
I'm big on the food gifts... surprise...
Xmas Table
Table set for Xmas brunch for my fam. My new tablecloth is so freaking adorable that I want to leave it out year-round! I suppose I feel that way about all our holiday decorations, though. The Roseville castle has been leaving their lights on year-round... maybe I should join in...

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linnea said...

your gifts inspire me...
for next year :o)