Monday, December 8, 2008


This Christmas I decided to make some Swedish themed decor... Every Xmas Eve in my life has been spent at my Swedish grandmother's (and non-Swedish grandpa, but you know, he didn't decorate) house, until this year (Chris & I have decided to start switching locations year to year instead of trying to do both family celebrations). Anyway, I decided to have a brunch for my family before we leave town to make up for it, and thought I needed some Sweden in the house for it...
Swedish Hearts
Swedish Hearts
Wool felt with blanket stitch edging.
Julbock Cards
This year's Christmas Cards
I carved a block for printing these and finished them with stardust pen details.
For non-Swedes, the Julbock (or Yule-goat):
"is a ubiquitous symbol of the winter holidays in Scandinavian countries"... continue at Altreligion
Now, it's mostly thought of just as a cute Xmas decoration, though...
Lucia Doll
Swedish Xmas
Lucia Doll
This is the first doll I've made with yarn hair, which was a bit tricky, but she really have to have the braids. The crown-wreath is loop knotted yarn with felt/tiny pom-pom candles. And she's even got Dala horses on her tights!

"Lucia Day, December 13th, initiates the Christmas season by marking the beginning of brighter days to come in Sweden. It is customary that the eldest daughter as Lucia... dresses in a long white gown with a red sash around her waist and wears a crown entwined with sprigs of myrtle greens on her head. Five or seven lighted candles in the crown spread a luminous glow around her."
-American Swedish Institute
Next year, I'll make some tomte... I just ran out of time...


Jossan said...

How fun to see you use the Swedish words, and not just translate them! :) (Im from Sweden myself)

Rachel said...

Wonderful decorations!