Friday, November 28, 2008

Craft Night!

Well, Craft Night was last weekend, but I haven't had a chance to upload the pics until now... It was Holiday themed, to get a head start and all that... Anyway, it was definitely the most productive one ever- most of the time we had ended up just hanging out, which is fine, but you know, less productive.
Craft Night
Craft Night
See, boys can come too! Chris is always looking for buddies to avoid the crafting. But these boys wanted to craft, too! In your face, Chris! Uh, I love you.
We started with making some paper ornaments:
Jessica Ball
That one's mine- I made it ahead of time.
Jamie Ball
This one is Jamie's.
Chris forgot to take a pic of Kathryn's, but I will add it later if I can get one...
I got the instructions from Heather Bailey ("Paper Globes" under "Free Patterns"). They're super easy- I highly recommend. I've seen them done with different edging, too... something to try later.
Then we made clothespin dolls... I got the idea from Allsorts here (there are non-holiday Allsorts ones here, and a whole flickr group of different ones here). I bought the supplies ahead of time and glued together the three main pieces so they would be ready to paint.
Craft Night- Jamie
Mine (I didn't finish until everyone left, though)
Natalie v. Bob
Natalie v. Bob!
Doug v. Kathryn
Doug v. Kathryn!
As you can see, much fun was had by all. There are few more more pics here. I hope to get another Craft Night together soon, and I have some more holiday crafts to post! Soon...


VeganCraftastic said...

Those dolls are so cute, very retro!

linnea said...

That looks like such a great time :o) good job with the ornaments & dolls!... and how did I not notice the "hells yeah" in your banner before?! I have no idea!

Jenn said...

Those are cute!

Tag, your it! Check out my blog for the details! :)

Happy Tuesdays said...

god, i wish i lived in CA. miss you so much.

valerie said...

your craft night looks like it was a blast. those are the cutest clothespin dolls i've ever seen! i don't think my hand is steady enough to paint those sweet faces and hair-dos.

Chimpancrazy said...

The Natalie vs. Bob photo totally made my day :)