Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black and white and gorgeous all over...

I have obtained two prints somewhat recently that I realized I haven't blogged...
One from the amazing Elsita (Elsa Mora) that I haven't taken my own pic of, but it's on my wall right now:

I matted it in red with a black frame... I love it so much. Check out all of the tiny little hiding animals! I really want to buy out her entire Etsy store.
And more recently I got this print from lalalaika (Donna Enticknap):
lalalaika print
I contacted her after seeing this image on Flickr & had to have a print... she has more available if you contact her there. It's absolutely beautiful... it even has little hand-touched gold highlights! And check out that little hand-drawn thank you that I got with it! How did she know about my fox obsession?


donna said...

yay, i'm happy you like it.

foxes are my obsession too! masters of shapeshifting and invisibility!

Corwink said...

Those are amazing! I am heading over there asap with credit card in hand. Love them!