Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I loooooove Hallowe'en... it's my favorite holiday, really, even though that is based more on childhood memories than actual current celebrations. My fondest memories of childhood always include Hallowe'en: roaming the streets in a pack of kids (after dark!), getting to dress up as a fairy princess in public, pillowcases filled near to the top with way too much candy to ever finish... Kids don't get to do all this much anymore- it seems that the majority end up at parties, school functions, etc., which I'm sure is fun too... but it couldn't possibly be as fun. Or maybe I'm just suffering from nostalgia overload.
Believe it or not, I didn't finish all the decorating I wanted.
Halloween 3
Hallowe'en Tree.
Yes, I have a tree for pretty much every holiday.
Halloween 1
Bat & pumpkins knitted this year.
Halloween 7
Candy Bucket.
I made this last year to hang on our door after we went out.
Halloween 4
I'd decorate the whole house if I could, but my laziness always wins out in the end.
Halloween 5
Close-up of the wreath.
I made it with a cheap grapevine wreath, a black feather boa and a fake crow from the craft store.
Halloween 6
Halloween 2
I like white pumpkins... they're like the ghosts of orange pumpkins, and therefore scarier. Right?
I will hopefully have pics of my costume after Friday... not of Chris's though, as he is a big party pooper and never dresses up.

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Rachel said...

Great decorations!