Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Blythe Custom!!!

So, I got into Blythe in the first place because of all of the beautiful custom work I had seen, so I dove in right away! It did take me a lot longer than I thought it would, but that was mostly because of the distractions inherent in being easily distracted by my other thousand hobbies.
Before & After:
My First Custom!  Before & After
She began as an ADG Perfect Parfait, already customized... So I suppose my first custom was also my first rescue! That squiggly thing on the side of her face is sharpie or paint pen or something, and the eyelids were painted without opening up the head, so paint was all over the edges of the sockets :( (The before pics were from the seller, not me...)

Much work was done!
Work done: Sandmatted, Pastel Makeup, Painted Eyelids, New Lashes, Sleep Eyes, Gaze Lift, Carved Lips, Eyes, Reshaped Nose, Mohair Reroot, Neemo Flection Body, and Glass Pulls. You prolly have to be into Blythe to know what any of that means.
Her name is Moth now.

O Hai!
More pics here.


Mandi said...

Oooh I LOVE her! I have a two Blythes: one I left as-is, and the other is in the middle of a mohair re-root that I can't seem to finish. SO MUCH WORK. *sigh*

*Tea said...

WOW! She´s fabulous!