Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not cool, Apple.

Not cool at all.

Last week:
Early B-day Present!
B-day present from Chris & Chris 'rents


Kathryn said...

what kind of bs is that?!

Alison S. said...

Maybe you can trade up and pay a balance? I feel like I had that option when I got my iPod Color a week before the Video iPod came out. I chose to keep the Color at the time so I wouldn't have to buy all new accessories, but now I regret it. I regret it most when my iPod Color weighs 5 pounds inside my purse.

Happy Tuesdays said...

i was hoping you wouldn't see it so soon....i think you'll be fine, but they usually will sell you the same rate that they're giving brand new att subscribers. but you'll be ok without the voice activation, compass, and other cool things. ok, maybe i'm trying to convince myself too :) miss you