Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sorry I've been so absent... I seem to get quite busy for someone who should have too much time on their hands... I promise to post more soon! I've been gardening, knitting, dogsitting, show going, painting, tv catching-up-on, puttering, partying, and so on...
What I do need to tell you is that you NEED to make this show if you're in the (SF) bay area:

Young Americans
Mills College MFA Exhibition
Mills College Art Museum: May 3 - 31, 2009
KQEDondemand video: Stoked Americans

This is where Chris is going to grad school, but he's not in this show (it's this year's graduates). Anyway, it's seriously the best show in the bay right now, and you only have until the 31st to catch it!

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Rachel said...

That show looks amazing!