Monday, March 2, 2009


Introducing Cotton & Candy!
Cotton & Candy
CC Playing
They are Petite Blythes (originally Squiggly Squirrel and Feline Fancy, mohaired by I Love George, Re-Ment accessories, outfits by me!)... re-named Cotton & Candy by me. I wish I could find some blue/green boots for Cotton's outfit...
She needs a name:
Squirrel Picnic
She's a Mini Pullip Anne Shirley (in Squiggly Squirrel's outfit), with Re-Ment and mushrooms knitted by me! Any name suggestions?


constance said...


gladys said...

They are gorgeous.

Happy Tuesdays said...

you (and these new dolls) are too cute! nice work! :)

Social Marketing Mama said... cute are those!