Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Day.

Heart (front)
Heart (back)
Knitty Pattern
(imbellished, of course, and worsted instead of fingering)
Valentine's Day gift for Chris...


Kristy Vernon said...

Oh, what a neat Valentine's Day gift. My favorite part in the picture though are the little green owls!

Rachel said...

I love this! Love it! I really like the way you embellished it.

valerie said...

i think that's the sweetest heart. i hope he appreciated your handmade gift. for valentine's day i painted a picture of me and my boyfriend for... well, my boyfriend! i'm too shy about my painting to post about it. i'm still a beginner. but i'm having fun with it!

oh, and your owls and pyrex are awesome!

Violet Folklore said...

this is totally out of control adorable. i've always had a Thing for "real" hearts... this is the best rendition of one i have EVER seen!!!!!!! you freaking ROCK!!!
(: Sasha
p.s. thanks for planning to come out to my Sac show! that was SUCH a bummer we had to cancel.. but we almost killed ourselves on our road on Tuesday night... not even kidding. The snow is GORGEOUS, though!!!!