Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Year.

So, I have officially been knitting for one year this month(-ish)... for reals knitting, I mean- I've knitted scarves for years, but was too scared/lazy to try a real pattern. After finally figuring out how to read a honest to goodness pattern, it seems I have gotten a bit out of control...
One Year of Knitting 1
That would be all my knits for the past year, minus the ones I've given away. Yes, I am crazy-obsessive.
The hats:
One Year of Knitting: Hats 2 One Year of Knitting: Hats 1

The other accessories:
One Year of Knitting: Accessories
The sweaters/shrugs:
One Year of Knitting: Sweaters 2 One Year of Knitting: Sweaters 1

Ummm... I'm going to have a real storage problem.
One Year of Knitting 4


Joan [yarnygirl.com] said...

Omg, very impressive!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

wow-eeeeeee!!!! Awesome! That's a lot of knitting for a year! I love the rainbow of colors! :)

cher said...

Wow girl! You're very productive. So glad to find a blogger in the same area. Awww, Ravelry bringing crazy-obsessive knitters together.

Queen of the froggers said...

Gorgeous knits there ... don't they look lovely all together! Thank you for the comment, I probably won't get round to changing the border!

Clare said...

oh my gosh, that is a lot of knitting! i am in awe of your productivity!